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How to apply for Online Payday Loans Canada?

Canada Payday Loans carry out very simple and easy application process to lend online short term loans to its customers. We provide user-friendly interface to our visitors so that they can apply for required payday loan amount without any trouble and hassling.

First of all it is very necessary to qualify eligibility criteria before applying for these cash advance loans. An eligibility criterion is as follows:-

1. A borrower must be above 18 years of age.
2. He must be permanent resident of Canada.
3. He must be employed in any Canadian firm since last six months or should have steady income flow.
4. He must have valid address, email id and banking details to carry out loan procedure.
5. He must have active bank account in any Canadian bank.

If you meet above mention eligibility then you can apply for online payday loans with us. Following are simple steps that an applicant needs to follow to apply for online loan:-

Filling Loan Application Form Online

In order to apply for online payday loans, you need to fill online application form available on our website. In that form you need to fill your basic personal and banking details. It is applicant’s prior responsibility to make sure that all the information he is filling in online form must be true and true to his knowledge. It is compulsory because approval and rejection entirely depends on information provided by applicant. Don’t worry about safety of sharing information; we possess secure servers to keep borrower’s personal details secure.

Online Loan Approval after Verifying Eligibility

Our loan approval process is very quick provided applicant meets eligibility criteria. Once application form is received, it is forwarded to network of affiliated lenders to find suitable lender for customer. Once the lender is satisfied with eligibility of borrower he agrees to lend loan. Thus, it takes at most one hour to grant loan approval.

Signing Loan Agreement

After loan approval, lender sends e-agreement to borrower mentioning all loan terms and conditions along with repayment criteria. After thorough understanding of everything mentioned in offer, borrower should electronically sign it and send it back to lender for further cash transfer. To seek other clarification regarding any loan term, applicant can concern our ‘contact us’ section.

Online Cash transfer into Borrower’s Bank Account

After receiving back electronically signed loan offer, loan amount is directly transferred into borrower’s bank account within one business day.

Repayment of Payday Loan amount as per APR

Loan agreement sent to borrower includes all guidelines regarding repayment of payday loan. It is stated clearly stated that borrower is supposed to make repayment before his next salary day. Pay back amount includes initially borrowed loan amount along with interest amount as per annual percentage rate. If borrower finds himself to pay back on due date then it is responsibility to inform lender before time and asks for extension. In some cases, lender may grant extension by charging some late fee. However, borrower should try to pay back in time to boost his credit score.

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