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Falling short of regular cash is an obvious matter these days. It insists people to get some instant financial assistance in order to get relief from economic distress immediately. When such financial woes occur in mid of month, then it becomes hard to handle for a salaried individual. But don’t worry; Canada Payday Loans are here to assist you to fight against such situations. We provide instant short term loan services in Edmonton, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Toronto, SK, PE, Calgary, Manitoba, NS, Hamilton and Quebec.


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Online Application

In order to apply payday loan Canada, borrower needs to fill online application available on our website with basic and essential personal information.

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Loan Approval

We carry very efficient and quick process of loan approval depending on eligibility criteria of applicant. Once application is received, borrower’s details are verified

Loan Approval

Loan Agreement

After loan approval, lender sends e-agreement to borrower which entails all terms and conditions to make understandable payday loans.

Loan Agreement


Cash Transfer in Borrowers Bank Account

After loan approval and finalizing agreement, cash is transferred within one business day into borrower’s bank account.

Repayment of Loan

Loan agreement also mentions guidelines related to repayment of loan. It is a very important section to be understood by borrower. Generally, repayment is supposed to be made within two weeks however, it can be extended to one month depending on lender’s policy. Some lenders might also allow borrowers to pay back before due date, which further helps in reducing interest rate to be paid.

If you are looking for a short term loan with a flexible repayment schedule then Canada Payday Loans firm is a perfect station for you. We assist our customers on instant basis to let them borrow fast cash loans to meet imperious money calls. These loans are best suited for customers that cannot pledge any collateral against borrowed amount. So what are you waiting for? Suffice your emergency monetary needs now with our hassle free payday loans even if you have bad credit history.

However, in order to qualify for our online short term payday loans services, you must be above 18 years of age and must be permanent resident of Canada. Also you must be having 6 months old bank account in order to ensure your financial consistency. In addition to it, borrower must be employed in any Canadian company for 6 months or must have a steady income flow to make sure that he can pay back.

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Credit history plays very important role in balancing financial life. People face downfall in their credit score mainly because they fail to meet guidelines stated by financial institutions. In case of payday loans, if borrower fails to pay back loan amount on due date then it negatively affects his credit score. And, it is clear truth that anyone with bad credit statements cannot qualify for conventional bank loans. Thus, online short term loans are the only option left to tackle unforeseen cash requirements. Qualifying for these loans is very easy; all they need is that borrower must be 18 years old and have at least $1000 steady income flow. Loan amount is finalized by lender after reviewing application form of borrower. After loan approval, cash is directly transferred into borrower’s bank account within one business day. There is no requirement to pledge any collateral to qualify for online short term loans. In some cases, lender might ask for post dated check before lending loan. These online loans have higher interest rates as compared to conventional loans because of their ease and quickest availability. Loan amount may vary between $100 to $1000 for these loans. The borrower must try to make repayment in designated time period to enhance his credit history. Just handle your imperious cash needs effortlessly at Canada-Payday-Loans.

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